We have been dealing with IT security since 2008.


The scope of our activities

Vulnerability test

The vulnerability test is a security test based on scanning networks and systems with specialized tools. Such tools detect vulnerabilities in security and allow to create full vulnerability reports.

IT security audits are conducted in accordance with the ISACA and ISO27001 methodologies.


24/7 protection

Our company provides network and server protection services on a continuous basis (24/7). The monitoring software installed on servers and the internal network keeps track of every move and sends events to the administrator which takes appropriate steps on an ongoing basis.

We adjust the company’s provisions of the GDPR regulation.



We implement UTM (unified threat management) – multi-functional firewalls integrated in the form of a single device. Most UTM devices offer the following features: anti-spam filter, network antivirus filter, intrusion detection, content filtering, router, NAT and other standard network services.